things I learned from my freshers year

  1. Although it is a little too late to advise, I’m going to go ahead and say it all the same: Don’t buy books before your classes begin. In the first few weeks the lecturers will tell you of core textbooks which may be different from the previous years. Although these books are core reads - I found that you may only have to use them for one section and it was super easy to access them at the library. Pointer one - Save money for drinks . 
  2. The uni creates such a bubble and when you do venture into town for shopping etc it is unusual to see children. 
  3. Even if you only have 5 pounds - this is still enough to get you drunk. With clubs having free entry some nights and drinks generally being 1 pound, it is easy enough to socialise …and live. 
  4. Hangovers generally become worse as the year goes on and you will reminisce of your younger drunker self (more than likely a couple of months a go)
  5. I began dressing quite nicely for class, making sure I was on time and having organised notepads. By the end of the year a messy bun, staple hoodie and whatever paper I could find was used. And actually no regrets.. just be cosy for class - most people are half asleep anyway. 
  6. Having lectures the next day is no excuse to not go out. Your lecture is 50 minutes and if you really can’t make it in - lecture notes are normally posted on the school page. 
  7. You will feel failure for the first time. Before coming to university I was usually striving for at least an 80% pass on any class .. but at university just trying to achieve the 40% was good enough. It is not that I become lazy or paid less attention to work - It’s just that there are so many people that are academically stronger than you and you’re also getting your work marked by some of the best lecturers .. although you’re hitting a C at a paper you worked really hard in, this is still really good for a first year as they grade the same throughout your four years. (i dont know if that made sense but still)
  8. If you are Scottish, be prepared to be a rare find. At Edinburgh you will find a lot of American students (mostly exchange) and English. This isn’t a bad thing but I did find some awkward situations where people could not quite understand my accent (said i spoke too fast.. you speak too slow)
  9. The amount of programmes I watched was embarrassing . BBC Iplayer is your god, 
  10. It isn’t difficult to make friends and the best people to make friends with are in your tutorials.. Definitely get each others numbers asap because this is where you’re having to discuss ideas and show you’re knowledge and I found it a lot less awkward knowing I had a friend in this class. Also if you have excursions and forget the place to meet - you have that friend. need help on an assignment - friend. confused - friend. 
  11. Late night chats with your flatmates create some of the best feelings ever. It’s like having a full time sleepover with friends and they’ll be there for you at any time needed. 3am chats with cakes and ice cream over near enough anything strengthens a friendship so well. 
  12. You will buy food and forget about it. You will regret that star buy when you see the mouldy remains in the fridge. 
  13. You do not have to be single to have fun, so don’t just leave your boy/girlfriends because you’re starting university. And being underage to begin with is not the worst thing (I was underage for  3 months). I found with being 17 to begin with it made the nights I did go out better, because I had to prepare for them like a week in advance. 
  14. Your freshers will invite you to meet the best of people and the worst. And I guess a clutter of very average, very boring people. I was intrigued by the number of stereotype groups and bold fashion statements. Nonetheless somewhere in there you will meet great friends who will be there with you for a lifetime. Before coming to uni a friend of mines said that your uni friends are your friends for life and I took this somewhat bitterly and wondered why I could also not be that friend for life? am I rejected because we will end up in different careers? . However the bitterness faded and I saw for myself that there was truth in the statement. You will meet people who will become your best friends and it is definitely strengthened by 1. being in this tight bubble and 2. going through all the same emotions. Nevertheless, I myself, could never forget my best friends from home and although they are not participating in this section of my life I have experienced so much other experiences with them. The people that write that they are so excited to leave their home towns and start a fresh are mad. Despite having an amazing time in Edinburgh, I could never abandon the town where I’ve grown up in and met all my best friends. p.s. I love you guys
  15. Final point: You will never forget your freshers year - just have fun. 
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